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Iringa Sunset Hotel is a perfect stop over site to and from Ruaha National Park and other near by tourist attractions.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is a wilder and more remote park than its southern neighbour Selous Game Reserve and ultimately has the better wildlife, albeit without boating safaris. Ruaha National Park  its two hours drive from Iringa Sunset hotel.


Gangilonga talking rock

This large rock northeast of town is where Chief Mkwawa meditated and where he learned that the Germans were after him. Its name, gangilonga, means ‘talking stone’ in Hehe, possibly because the chief's scouts communicated the movement of German troops from here. It’s an easy climb to the top with views over town.  It is located just a few steps from Iringa Sunset Hotel.


Iringa Boma

Located in the heart of Iringa, the Boma is a place for education, participation and recreation. It offers various opportunities to engage with culture and heritage in Iringa with people from within and from outside the region.The museum is a place of stories. Stories about Iringa in the past and in the present. Stories about the different people making Iringa their home. Stories about customs, traditions and ways of life, stories about the fascinating places that make Iringa unique.

Isimila museum

Is 16 kms from Iringa from the bottom of the hill turning towards Mbeya. The site occupies what was once a lake bed, many stone age tools, the bones and skeletons of pre-historic animals have been discovered there   

Igeleke Rock paintings

A large prehistoric paintings located at a spectacular site. The drawings depict human figures, an elephant, jumping eland and giraffe hiding in long grass. It's an easy and worthwhile excursion from town involving a short but steep walk.

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